Celebrate Poetry Month

April is always a fun month, because we get to celebrate poetry.  Poetry comes in a many forms and, in the media center, students will get a chance to read and listen to many poems - from the silly to the serious.  They will also get a opportunity to write and share their own poems.

Also, save the date:  April 27th. That is when we will celebrate "Poem In Your Pocket Day."  Students and staff will be asked to write or keep your favorite poem in your pocket to share with others during the day.

I Have to Write a Poem for Class
By Jack Prelutsky

I have to write a poem for class
But don't think I'll succeed,
I know I don't know all the words
That I am going to need.
I cannot quite imagine
How my poem's supposed to be —
I've got a sinking feeling
I'm not good at poetry.

My poem must have a meter
And it also has to rhyme,
It's due tomorrow morning…
How I wish I had more time!
I do not think that I can write
A poem the way I should —
But look…this is a poem right here,
And it is pretty good.