Fall brings a reading celebration, new shelves, and a scavenger hunt!

What a busy first 9 weeks of school!!

We celebrated reading with our summer reading friends at the end of September.  They danced with glasses that glowed, and took home gift certificates to our October Book Fair and Chick-Fill-A, as well as some Killian bucks they can use at our school store.

September also brought beautiful new shelving to the media center.  Sleek, modern and lovely, these shelves not only brighten our library environment, they are also easy to move!  That came in handy right away as we made room for our October Book Fair.  New shelves also were another great reason to have a scavenger hunt for upper elementary students.

Although stormy weather caused us to cancel our Literacy Night, students and their families were still very supportive of our Book Fair.  We hope our February Book Fair will more than make up for what students missed out on this month.